Creating an Earnest Money Request as an Admin


Create a digital earnest money request quickly and simply as an admin. Follow these steps to make a request:

1. Log In or Sign Up

Log in to your admin dashboard. If you haven’t made an account register now.

2. Navigate to the Web-App

To request earnest money payment, simply select Request Payment from the drop-down menu under your profile name. This action will direct you to Earnnest's web app, where you can proceed to request earnest money.

3. Start the Request

To request a payment, go to the Payment Request page and click on Request Payment. If you have the email address of the person making the payment, select Yes, I have their email.

If you don't have their email, choose No, I don’t have their email. In this case, you can invite someone who does have the payer’s email to proceed with the request. The request will appear as a draft on your Payment Request dashboard until the invitee finishes the request and sends it to the payer.

4. Enter the Request Details

Fill out the details of the payment request. This process includes, the earnest money amount and the property address.

5. Select Your Preferred Escrow Holder

Search for your escrow holder in the Earnnest network. The options are filtered by the name you type and the property address. If your escrow holder doesn’t appear in the search, you can invite to join.

6. Enter the Payer Details

Fill out the details of who will be paying the earnest money. Enter their first name, last name, email, and phone number.

7. Specify Notification Recipients

Add the email addresses of individuals or organizations who need to be notified about the payment request. All parties involved will receive receipts for their records.

8. Send Request

Select Send Request. The payer will receive an email prompting them to complete the payment. Both you and the recipients included in the request will receive receipts once the payment is successfully completed.

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