Payment Receipt Notifications

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Automated Receipts

Payment Completion

After a payer completes a payment, Earnnest generates a payment receipt that is automatically emailed to the payer, the requester (if the payment was requested), the escrow holder, and any other parties that were manually added to the transaction. All stakeholders receive the payment receipt simultaneously, ensuring transparency and comprehensive record-keeping.

Payment Deposited

Once the payment is deposited into the designated account, the payer and the escrow holder will be emailed a receipt of deposit.

Benefits of Automated Receipts

Efficiency: Save time and reduce manual efforts with the automated generation and distribution of receipts.

Transparency: Keep all stakeholders in the loop with simultaneous receipt delivery, fostering transparency in the transaction process.

Record-Keeping: Maintain comprehensive records effortlessly, streamlining the reconciliation and documentation processes.

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