Fraud Prevention

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At Earnnest, security is top priority. We ensure the protection of your sensitive information by employing robust measures throughout every stage of the transaction process. Partnering with industry experts like Plaid, we go the extra mile to secure your data. Earnnest uses the Automated Clearing House (ACH) method to transfer your funds safely and securely. Moving money through Earnnest is cheaper than most wire transfers and quicker than a check.And unlike a check or wire transfer, moving money with Earnnest has no risk of fraud.

Key Security Features

Zero Exposure of Account Information

Earnnest never sees or stores your account numbers, routing information, or login credentials. We utilize industry-leading practices such as 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication, and tokenized account access.

Fraud Prevention

Earnnest's digital payments have successfully eliminated check and wire fraud, with zero instances reported. In real estate, where wire fraud is a prevalent threat, Earnnest's closed network of escrow holders ensures a secure transaction environment.

Wire Fraud Prevention

Criminals often target homebuyers with fraudulent wire requests, resulting in significant financial losses. Earnnest eliminates this risk by removing wires from the equation. Transactions occur within a closed network, preventing fraudulent accounts from participating. Agents choose trusted escrow accounts within our secure system, ensuring the buyer's payment is directed to the correct account every time.

Check Fraud Prevention

Personal checks pose a risk due to the exposure of sensitive banking information. Earnnest's secure digital process eliminates the need for paper checks, significantly reducing the risk of check fraud. Buyer information remains private within our encrypted system during payment, and Earnnest never stores homebuyer information.

Rest easy knowing that with Earnnest, your security is fortified, and your transactions are safeguarded against common fraud risks. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a secure and streamlined digital payment solution.

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