How money moves

Earnnest allows for a fully digital transfer of funds in real estate transactions. Our digital platform saves you — and your clients — time.

We’re built by you, for you.

Earnnest was built by real estate mega agents working with escrow attorneys and technology veterans to create the very best platform for faster and more secure real estate transactions.

2021 Awards

We’re always thinking safety first.

Our system is protected with banking-level security and encryption. We also use ACH payment transfers instead of wires, because the threat of wire fraud is real and growing. Plus, we never collect your client’s sensitive information, like funding source or banking details, so that whole data storage thing just isn’t an issue.

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We remember all those hours wasted chasing down earnest money checks.

With Earnnest, you can finally forget them. Our system requires no paper checks. Complete the earnest transfer electronically in minutes—you can even do it from the comfort of your couch—and focus on what you do best: helping people buy and sell homes.

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How does Earnnest compare?


Mobile Check Deposit

Other Payment Solutions


Time to Settle

0-1 days

2-10 days

3-5 days

1-3 days

Client identity protection

Completely digital

Remotely payable

Payment protection

*Depending on your financial institution's mobile and desktop application capabilities.

Ready for the future?

Connect an escrow holder with Earnnest and once they are registered you can use them.

Who’s your escrow holder?

Who is sending the invite?

We’d never brag, but agents really like us.

A streamlined process

Usually [my clients] have to go through the time-consuming process of getting a check—it’s common today for clients not to even have a checkbook—then put the earnest money in the mail and wait. With Earnnest, they can streamline that entire process. It saves them so much time and effort.

Makinsie Gifford

REALTOR®, Amanda Howard Sotheby’s International Realty

A simple platform

When my clients know they want the house, I use Earnnest to send them the request for earnest money. They get email reminders throughout each step of the transfer process … Earnnest makes it all so simple.

Tanaya Peters

REALTOR®, PalmerHouse Properties

A competitive advantage in your market

I spent a lot of time chasing down checks and delivering them to my office. The Earnnest app saves time for me and for my clients, especially those who work full-time and no longer have to be home for me to pick up the trust check. Earnnest helps with the ease of the transaction and provides me with the technology to better serve my clients.

Shauna Mason

REALTOR®, The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage

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