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100% digital earnest money

Earnnest provides title and escrow companies with a compliant, secure way to digitally collect and release earnest money deposits, pay commissions, buyer refunds, and more.

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Title's leading organizations trust Earnnest for safe, secure, digital payments.

The compliance standard

Why title + escrow pros choose Earnnest

Earnnest allows you to digitally collect and pay all your real estate payments. Add security, simplify your reconciliation process, and rest assured that every individual involved in the transaction is verified to NACHA standards.

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Identity verification (following NACHA regulation) means everyone involved in the payment is authorized.

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Remove the risks of checks, wires, and credit card collection forms by going digital and eliminating them altogether.

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Save time and effort with digital payments. No more time spent coordinating checks or updating credit card information.

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Confirmation emails, unique tracking IDs, and receipts are provided to each individual involved in the transaction.

We move money for real estate

100% digital payments

There's an Earnnest solution that's right for every company.

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Earnnest App

Are your clients still using checks and wires to pay earnest money deposits? Earnnest App, the largest digital earnest payment network in the U.S., can help.

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Earnnest Pro

Ready to digitize all your payments? Earnnest Pro handles all your real estate payments digitally, including: earnest money deposits, agent commissions, and more.

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Title and escrow companies are loving Earnnest

"Our clients love Earnnest! It has been wonderful to be able to offer an easy, safe, and convenient option for buyers to send earnest money from the comfort of their home. "

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Morgan Bolinder
Canyon Title

"I love the Earnnest app. It is so easy to use and track earnest money. This is a complete game changer for easily and conveniently depositing earnest money."

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Lisa Spence
First American Title

"Earnnest has made getting earnest money from our clients super fast and easy! No more hassle with sending wire instructions or sending runners to pick up checks."

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Jim Keith
Great American Title Agency