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Earnnest’s Payment Portal empowers escrow-holding businesses, such as title companies, attorneys, and brokerages, to facilitate transactions seamlessly. Organizations can integrate their customized Payment Portal directly into their website, allowing payers to make payments without needing to be prompted by an agent.


How to Set Up Your Payment Portal

Benefits of Your Payment Portal

How to Set Up Your Payment Portal

1. Log In or Sign Up

Log in to your admin dashboard. If you haven’t made an account register now.

2. Add Your Organization’s Branding

Navigate to the Settings section and select the Branding tab. Customize your payment portal by incorporating your distinctive branding elements. Payers can readily identify your payment portal, fostering immediate trust and confidence in the accuracy of their fund transfers.

3. View Your Portal

Navigate to the Payment Occasions section. Access your portal via payment links, each associated with a Payment Occasion your organization is set up for. If you’d like to learn more about Payment Occasions, read this article. Click Collect Payment that appears when you hover over a Payment Occasion.

Hover over a Payment Occasion and click Collect Payment. A side panel will emerge, providing you with the option to copy the Payment Portal link specific to that occasion. Paste the URL into your browser to preview your organization’s Payment Portal. Double-check that the branding meets your satisfaction. When you're prepared to collect a payment, make sure you've copied the accurate Payment Portal link and then send it to the payer.

Benefits of Your Payment Portal

Convenience and User-Friendliness

Save time and simplify the earnest money deposit process for agents and payers by adding your portal to your website.

  • Direct Access: Buyers can initiate their earnest money payment directly from the escrow business' website, eliminating the need for an agent to send a payment request to a payer.
  • Simplified Process: Your Payment Portal is custom branded for your organization, assuring payers that they are sending their funds to the correct account.
  • Ease of Use: Built on the proven concept of digital payments, the Payment Portal enhances the ease of use for both homebuyers and escrow holders.
Secure Transactions

When it comes to financial transactions, security is paramount. With the Payment Portal, you can rest assured that the same robust security measures of Earnnest's digital payment system are seamlessly integrated:

  • 256-bit Encryption: Every transaction is safeguarded with advanced encryption protocols, ensuring the highest level of security.
  • One-time Tokenized Access: Buyers' funds are accessed through Plaid, providing a secure and tokenized connection for enhanced protection.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Homebuyers undergo a two-factor authentication process during sign-in, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Identity Verification: Before making a payment, homebuyers go through identity verification, ensuring a secure and trusted payment process.

Trackable Transactions

Stay in control and monitor every step of the payment process with the Payment Portal's robust tracking features:

  • Automated Receipts: As soon as a buyer initiates a payment, automated receipts are generated and sent to the relevant parties, ensuring transparency and documentation.
  • Admin Dashboard: Escrow holders can effortlessly view and track all payments through their organization’s dashboard.

Need Help With Your Payment Portal?

Experience the security, convenience, and trackability that comes with this powerful tool. Elevate your payment processes and redefine efficiency with Earnnest's Payment Portal. Reach out to our Success Team to get started today.

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