Adding a Payment Portal to Your Website

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This process shows a basic way to integrate your custom payment link in your website. Adjustments may be necessary based on your website's structure. If you use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or a website builder, you may have a graphical interface for adding links to buttons without directly modifying the code.

Access the HTML Code

Locate and open the HTML file associated with the web page where you intend to place the payment link.

Insert Your Custom URL

Within the anchor tag's href attribute, substitute "" with the custom URL provided by Earnnest. This is the unique identifier associated with your account.

         <a href="<>" target="_blank">Pay Earnest Money</a>

If you prefer an Earnnest-branded button, use the following HTML code instead, adding your custom URL accordingly:

         <a href="<>" target="_blank" style="display:inline-block;padding:10px 20px;text-align:center;text-decoration:none;color:#ffffff;background-color:#30C97F;border-radius:100px;outline:none;">Pay Earnest Money</a>

Save and Test

Save the changes made to your HTML file. Open the file in a web browser to verify that clicking the button redirects users to the specified link.

Earnnest product on laptop computer showing the paid screen.
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