Payment Occasions

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A well-organized payment system is crucial for any organization, and payment occasions play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless transactions. A payment occasion is a unique link dedicated to facilitating the proper allocation of funds to the correct account within an organization. By default, organizations are equipped with a payment occasion designed for earnest money collection.

Leveraging Multiple Payment Occasions

Multiple Office Locations or Territories

For organizations operating across various office locations or territories, the admin dashboard accommodates multiple payment occasions. This facilitates simplified collection, ensuring that each office's transactions are efficient and precise. Admins will notice payment occasions corresponding to different office locations that have been set up in the account.

Various Payment Types

In cases where a business collects more than just earnest money, the dashboard is configured to support multiple payment occasions (types). This allows for the collection of various payment types, such as agent fees, appraisal fees, reservation deposits, and more. Each distinct payment occasion ensures that the financial nuances of different transactions are accurately recorded and managed.

For guidance on setting up multiple types of payment occasions tailored to your business needs, contact [email protected].

Customized Notifications

Recognizing that each payment occasion serves a unique purpose, customization options are available to tailor notifications according to an organization's specific requirements. Admins can configure notifications to receive alerts only for the payment occasions relevant to their responsibilities. This granular control over notifications enhances the efficiency of payment tracking and ensures that key personnel stay informed on pertinent transactions.

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