Adding Escrow Accounts

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Earnnest offers a seamless solution for adding and managing escrow accounts, simplifying the process from start to finish. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you add escrow accounts into your organization:

Account Details

1. Log In or Register

Log in to your Earnnest admin account. If you haven't already signed up, registering your organization is quick and easy. Simply follow these steps to get started.

2. Navigate to Escrow Accounts

Once logged in, navigate to the Escrow Account section on your dashboard. This is where you'll manage all aspects of your escrow accounts.

3. Add Escrow Account

Within the Escrow Account section, select the option to Add Escrow Account.

4. Provide Details

Fill in the necessary details for your escrow account. This ensures that Earnnest can accurately facilitate transactions on your behalf.

Verification Process

5. Micro-Deposits

Earnnest utilizes micro-deposits to verify the authenticity of your escrow account. Within 1-2 business days of providing your account details, you'll receive an email notification indicating that your micro-deposits are ready to be verified.

6. Verify Micro-Deposits

Once you receive the notification, log back into your Earnnest account. Navigate to the designated section where you can view the bank account you registered. Enter the amounts of the two small deposits you received to complete the verification process.

After successfully verifying your micro-deposits, your escrow account will be confirmed and activated within the Earnnest platform. You're now ready to securely manage transactions with confidence and ease.

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