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Collect earnest money digitally

Don't lose time coordinating checks and don't put your client at risk of wire fraud. Earnnest is the largest digital earnest money service in the U.S. because we make earnest deposits safe and easy.

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We work where you do

Earnnest has created powerful integrations with industry leaders allowing you to request earnest money digitally directly within your favorite transaction management platform. Learn more and see all integrations here.
Earnnest = Easy

How to get started

We've made it easy to collect earnest money digitally. Here's how it works:

Use Earnnest on any device.
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Start by downloading Earnnest's smartphone app from the App Store or Google Play.
If you prefer to use your computer, you can access our web-based app via

Use the same email address to access Earnnest on your desktop or smartphone. One email address is all you need to make the most of all Earnnest has to offer.

Register for an account.
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Once you have Earnnest on your favorite device, follow the setup instructions to sign in and register for your individual account.

Get your escrow holder on board.
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Search for your escrow holder
Before using Earnnest, you'll want your escrow holder to register to accept digital earnest money through our platform. We have a large, established network of escrow holders. Your favorite escrow holder may already be in our network! You can search the network by logging in and creating an account at Then follow the steps shown below to complete your search.

How to look up your escrow holder inside the Earnnest App

If your escrow holder is already part of Earnnest’s network, you don’t need to invite them to join. You can start requesting earnest money deposits digitally.

Invite your escrow holder
If your favorite escrow holder is not in our network, you can invite them to join. To invite your escrow holder, complete our invite form. You can also invite them inside our smartphone app and web-based app. Your escrow holder will receive an invitation to register with Earnnest. Once they complete registration they'll be ready to accept earnest money deposits digitally.

If you are a broker-owner and your organization holds its own escrow, you can self register here.

Start requesting digital earnest money.
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Do you have the contact information of the payer?

Image showing check boxes. Do you have the contact information of the payer? Yes or no?

If you do, check Yes, I have their email and follow the steps on your screen.
You can also watch a video to see how to finish your request in the smartphone app or the desktop app.

If you don't, check No, I don't have their email and follow the steps on your screen.
You will be able to complete your earnest money request by forwarding it to the buyer's agent. The buyer's agent will then finish creating the request and send it to the buyer for payment. You can also watch a video to see how to complete the request in the smartphone app or the desktop app.
How much does Earnnest cost?
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Earnnest is free for agents and escrow holders to use.
We charge a flat convenience fee of $18 to the homebuyer to transfer their funds. That is less than a typical wire and the same as a cashier's check — just more convenient.

How can I tell my clients about Earnnest?
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Ready to tell clients in your network about your digital earnest money tool? Use these Marketing Resources to spread the word. You can also share our Homebuyer Resources page where buyers can learn how to complete their earnest money payment and find answers to common questions.

Earnnest = Easy

How to get started

We've made it easy to collect earnest money digitally. Here's how it works:

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What's next?

Now that you've sent your earnest money request, what's next? Here's a few things you can do once your transaction is initiated.


Text your buyer a reminder to complete their earnest deposit.
Learn how.

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Your buyer gets a text/email from Earnnest to finish their payment.
Here's how they pay.



Earnnest automatically sends payment and deposit receipts via email.
See who gets what.

Proof of Intent

Need proof of intent before the buyer pays? Earnnest can help.
Get proof of intent.

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Once your digital request is sent, your homebuyer will receive an email from Earnnest with your request. Automatic email reminders are sent to your buyer after 24 hours and 48 hours, but it’s still a good idea to let them know it’s coming so they can keep an eye out for it. If you’re using our smartphone app, you can click the Resend button inside your transaction to text the buyer.

Payment and Trackability
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The homebuyer will click the link in their email from Earnnest and follow the instructions to pay.
In the smartphone app, you can track the status of the request as it moves through the process from requested to deposited as shown below.

gif showing Earnnest's trackability feature
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Once the homebuyer pays, a payment receipt will be generated automatically and emailed to you, the buyer, the escrow holder, and any other parties you included in the request.

When the money is deposited, a deposit receipt will automatically be sent to the buyer and escrow holder.

Proof of Intent
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If you would like a proof of intent before the buyer pays, you can download it here to keep on file.
In the web-based desktop app, click Email me Proof of Intent in your property card.

How to find proof of intent in the web-based desktop app

In the smartphone app, access the proof of intent manually by clicking grab it on the home screen.

How to find proof of intent inside the smartphone app
Safe, secure, Private

Add our security to your business.

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256-bit encryption on every transaction

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Two-factor authentication at homebuyer sign in

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One-time tokenized access to buyer’s funds via Plaid

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We never store your homebuyer's private information.

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Eliminate the risk of check and wire fraud with fully digital payments.

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