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Benefits of Earnnest for escrow holders

Earnnest provides complete transparency and world-class security while digitizing payments. Did we mention it’s free? Check out this short video...

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How do we move money?

At Earnnest, we have proprietary digital payment technology. Learn more about our innovative process by downloading our comprehensive FAQ here.

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Common questions

Q: Is Earnnest a bank?

A: Earnnest is not a bank. Earnnest is simply the intermediary that allows agents to facilitate the transfer of escrow money from the buyer to the escrow holder. We never hold money in our system.

Q: Does Earnnest store account and routing numbers?

A: Absolutely not. We never store account and routing information, plus, there are multiple levels of encryption between us and your bank information. And because we don't have your account and routing information, neither does anyone else.

Earnnest uses a payment processing partner, Dwolla, to set up a secure connection between you and your bank only. Dwolla is an industry leader for mobile and online payments, and uses tokenization for processing. This removes all sensitive financial data from every transaction. Learn more about tokenization and user security here.

Q: How do I register?

A: When an escrow holder is requested by either an agent or real estate office, the escrow holder will receive an email on behalf of the requester with a link to register. As long as there is no block on ACH credits to the escrow account, registration takes less than 5 minutes. At Earnnest, dedicated team members specialize in working specifically with escrow holders to answer questions and help them quickly and easily register. Registering as an escrow holder with Earnnest is completely free.

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Q: How do I start using Earnnest?

A: As an escrow holder or closing company, you don't need to log in to start using Earnnest. You simply receive the escrow money and hold it as you would a regular check. As soon as a real estate office or agent requests you to be invited into an Earnnest partnership, you will receive instructions via email to start receiving escrow funds.

Now, not only will you know when a transaction is successful, you will also be notified when a transaction has been submitted. This way you will have the ability to track exactly where the transactions are during the transfer of payments and when you should expect to receive the funds in advance.

Q: What does Earnnest do with my data?

A: We do not sell your data. Earnnest uses the data we gather to improve our product and bring valuable insights to our partners. We’re excited to bring you additional reports and actionable intelligence over time. We do not sell your data to third-party vendors.

Q: What emails do I see as an escrow holder?

A: You will receive an email when an earnest money deposit is submitted by a buyer and an email when the ACH transfer has been successfully completed.

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