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Go digital with Dotloop and Earnnest

  • Access Earnnest within Dotloop
  • Request from anywhere, even your home office
  • Banking level security and a closed network of escrow holders
  • Real-time updates and receipts
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What is Earnnest?

Earnnest is the largest digital earnest money service in the United States, allowing your homebuyers to deposit funds directly to an escrow holder. Connected to every bank across the nation, the service saves you and your clients time, while replacing the hassle and risk of checks or wire transfers. Request payments from your homebuyers — at any time, from anywhere.

Free for agents

Earnnest is always free for agents. We charge a $15 flat processing fee to the homebuyer. No more checks. Request, pay and track whenever, wherever.

Getting started

We’ve put together videos, materials, and common questions so you can learn how to use the power of digital earnest money within Dotloop.


About Earnnest

Earnnest | Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy

How to create a request within Dotloop

How to request earnest money inside dotloop

Sample earnest payment receipt

As an agent you will be emailed a payment receipt once the home buyer makes their payment. Download this sample receipt.



Homebuyer’s experience

How to complete your earnest money payment

Ready for the future?

Connect an escrow holder with Earnnest and once they are registered you can use them.

Who’s your escrow holder?

Who is sending the invite?

How does Earnnest compare?



Request / Pay from anywhere

Protects sensitive information

Easy Reconciliation

Automated Receipts

Full ID Verification

Funds Verified

Payment tracking

Common questions

Q: How does my buyer authorize a transfer?

A: When the agent clicks REQUEST, we generate a secure link to your buyer's email address. They can then use that link to quickly and easily enter the rest of their information, securely attach a bank account and send the money to the escrow account.

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Q: Does Earnnest store homebuyers' banking information?

No, Earnnest does not store banking information — actually, we never even see it.

Q: What benefits does Earnnest provide to real estate agents?

A: Here’s some of the benefits Earnnest provides

  • Proof of Intent (copy of paper check), generated on-demand and when requested, the Proof of Intent is automatically emailed to the agent.
  • Step-by-step updates on a buyer’s earnest money journey from creation of request to deposit.
  • Support by email, phone and chat.
  • Easy-to-use features and a completely digital process.

Check out our FAQ

Our FAQ covers many more topics, you can find it by clicking below.

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