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Trackxi and Earnnest join forces to transform digital transactions
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Trackxi and Earnnest join forces to transform digital transactions

Integration Partner
May 16, 2024

In a significant move set to reshape real estate deal management, Trackxi, the #1 Real Estate Deal Tracker, has partnered with Earnnest, a leading provider of Earnest money deposit solutions. This integration partnership aims to dramatically simplify the process of depositing earnest money during real estate transactions.

Through this alliance, Trackxi users gain access to Earnnest's secure and convenient digital payment platform, empowering the buyers to execute seamless fund transfers for all their real estate transactions without leaving their everyday Trackxi dashboard.

How this Integration Partnership benefits Trackxi Users:

Enhanced Efficiency: The integration of Earnnest's digital payment capabilities with Trackxi's deal management system streamlines the overall transaction processes, eliminating a trip to the bank or the title company and also needing physical checks for earnest money deposits. 
Seamless Fund Transfers: With Earnnest's secure digital payment platform, Real Estate agents can initiate a fully digital fund transfer process. Buyers can complete the earnest money transfer at the convenience of their home or office. 
Improved Security: Earnnest's robust security measures provide Trackxi users with peace of mind, safeguarding their financial transactions against potential risks and threats. Click here for more info about security.

"We are thrilled to partner with Earnnest to offer our users an enhanced digital transaction experience. By integrating Trackxi's deal management system with Earnnest's secure digital payment platform, we are providing real estate professionals and buyers with a seamless solution to manage their earnest money deposits efficiently and securely. This integration saves both time and money with the added convenience and security," said Vijay Gopalswamy, CEO of Trackxi.

"This partnership underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in simplifying earnest money deposits for real estate professionals and buyers. We're crafting a new benchmark for simple, efficient transactions, with an unwavering focus on convenience," said Russell Smith, President & COO, Earnnest

About Trackxi: Trackxi offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline transaction management processes for real estate professionals. With features ranging from task management, transaction management to client management, Trackxi empowers agents, brokers, and transaction coordinators to navigate transactions seamlessly and efficiently.

About Earnnest: Earnnest is a trusted provider of secure, convenient digital payment solutions for the real estate industry. As the largest digital earnest money service in the U.S., Earnnest has established itself as a leader in facilitating secure fund transfers within real estate transactions, with a commitment to delivering unparalleled convenience and peace of mind to users.

Through this strategic Integration partnership, Trackxi and Earnnest are poised to set new standards for efficiency and security in real estate deal management, driving greater success and satisfaction for real estate professionals and clients alike.

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