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Real estate transaction platform, Earnnest, joins the MoxiCloud partner program
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Real estate transaction platform, Earnnest, joins the MoxiCloud partner program

The new partnership gives MoxiWorks users a more streamlined approach to money transfers during every transaction.

Integration Partner
April 4, 2024

SEATTLE, Wa. (April 2, 2024) – MoxiWorks, your partner in real estate success, announced a new partnership today with Earnnest, the leading real estate payments service in the US. This new partnership enables MoxiWorks users to seamlessly incorporate Earnnest's robust payment processing features into their tech suite, enhancing the efficiency of the real estate transaction process for them and their clients.

Earnnest, founded in 2017, has recently expanded their services to give agents, homebuyers, and escrow holders the most convenient and secure way to digitally collect and pay all their real estate payments including earnest money deposits and disbursements, agent fees and commissions, and rental payments.

“It’s been clear since the beginning that Earnnest was going to be an invaluable addition to the MoxiCloud partner program,” said Krista Hannahs, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships for MoxiWorks. “The care with which they’ve built their product and their understanding of the needs of this industry are top notch.”  

Some of the features MoxiWorks clients can look forward to:  

  • Enhanced Security — Earnnest's bank-level security ensures the protection of sensitive data and provides irrevocable funds for escrow holders.  
  • Convenience and Efficiency — The integration streamlines the earnest money process, reducing paperwork and increasing overall efficiency. 
  • Real-Time Receipts — Users will benefit from real-time updates and tracking, improving transparency and communication.

“This partnership exemplifies our dedication to providing real estate professionals with an unparalleled, secure, and streamlined approach to earnest money transactions,” said Chris Basinger, SVP of Growth, Earnnest. “We're crafting a new benchmark for simple, efficient transactions, with an unwavering focus on convenience.”

MoxiWorks clients who want to learn more about this partnership and how they can add Earnnest to their tech stack today can visit or talk directly with their customer support manager.

About Earnnest
Earnnest is how money moves in real estate and the leading digital earnest money service in the United States. It provides a secure and efficient method for homebuyers to electronically deposit earnest money, simplifying the real estate transaction process for all parties involved. To date, Earnnest has facilitated over 350,000 digital earnest money deposits, totaling over $2 billion, without a single instance of payment fraud. For more information, visit

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