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How a real estate law firm is modernizing transactions
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How a real estate law firm is modernizing transactions

Kay Borden
Senior Marketing Lead
February 6, 2023

Nathan Guinn Real Estate Law is taking an innovative approach to the services they provide by leveraging technology to better serve their clients. The Seneca, South Carolina based law firm are early adopters of technology and gain the confidence of their clients by providing best-in-class services resulting in a smooth transaction experience. “Top-tier technology has helped us keep the lines of communication open between us and our clients,” Nathan explained. The firm’s name is synonymous with expertise and efficiency as they take the reins of every closing process and drive it to completion. 

One of the first opportunities for improvement that Nathan identified was the earnest money collection process between the homebuyer and the firm. “A homebuyer would walk into the office and drop off a paper check to deposit their earnest money,” Nathan explained, “It was a massive security discrepancy in our process; inconvenient for the firm and confusing for the homebuyer.” Paper checks add unnecessary risk to transactions for closing attorneys and the client. Scanning, recording, and sending a paper check electronically can invite criminals to intercept the client’s banking information. Other side effects of paying earnest money by paper check was the loss of time coordinating the collection. From start to finish, the collection was a three-step, time-consuming process for the firm. 

“I found paper checks to be dated and unsafe. I knew the process had to be reimagined.”

Nathan’s exceptional standard of responsibility when handling client’s money along with a highly motivated desire to develop smooth processes for the firm led him to find Earnnest’s Branded Payment Portal—a platform that allows homebuyers to authorize their earnest money deposit directly on the law firm's website. 

“It’s not only a matter of convenience for us, it’s a matter of making a change to responsibly protect our clients. Earnnest allows us to have both.”

The shift to Branded Payment Portal was straightforward for Nathan Guinn Real Estate Law clients. Being a real-estate specific solution, the technology fit the firm’s needs like a glove. Homebuyers are directed to the firm’s website—the only location of the firm's custom portal—assuring them that the funds are being sent to the proper account. Nathan's team is sent automatic notifications to inform them that the deposit is on the way so they stay in the loop throughout the entire transaction. “The platform falls right in line with the way we want to present ourselves to our clients,” Nathan explained,

“The fact that all parties are sent fund-tracking notifications increases the confidence that we seek to build with our clients.”

Nathan Guinn Real Estate Law’s custom payment portal has transformed the time-sucking collection of earnest money into an almost completely automated system—giving their team more time to tackle the important things. “Earnnest’s new platform has turned our previous three-step collection process into a secure, simple one-step process,” Nathan said.

Nathan Guinn and his team at Nathan Guinn Real Estate Law’s effort to modernize the firm's movement of funds has given them control over every transaction. With a consistent high standard of security, real estate technology has proven essential to avoid fraud and protect their clients.

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Kay Borden