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Making a difference in work and life
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Making a difference in work and life

Keller Williams ONE/TEAM Brokerage Network strives to make an impact to benefit their clients, their agents, the consumers, and their community. At the helm of this innovative group is Dana Gentry, Founder and Operating Principal (OP).

Russell Smith
President & Chief Operating Officer
June 10, 2022

Gentry leads the way as OP of KW Legacy Group in Richmond, KY, KW Consultants Realty in Columbus, OH, and KW Realty Consultants in Jeffersonville, IN. But her work with KW ONE/TEAM highlights her strengths in crafting businesses that matter. “We aren’t just making a difference in selling people houses — we’re making a difference in the lives of our agents and the community,” Dana explained.

“We’re helping agents be business owners — not just Realtors.”

Strengthening agents’ businesses means providing the latest tools to improve their real estate lives but also providing creative resources to enhance their whole person. For example, the brokerage recently brought in a health and wellness coach to work with agents on getting the most out of their total health. It’s this level of care that establishes the difference KW ONE/TEAM is looking to make in their sphere of influence.

In addition to the impact made at the three market centers Gentry oversees, KW ONE/TEAM Brokerage Network provides services to other KW market centers across the country. KW ONE/TEAM can offer these smaller brokerages a suite of shared services they otherwise might not have the resources to access. The hub handles compliance, commission checks, transaction coordination, à la carte marketing, capper concierge services, mentorship, and charity impact. The service allows small brokerages to focus on what they do best by removing specialized tasks from their plate.

When COVID-19 entered the scene, Dana and her team looked for ways to quickly transition to a new remote workflow. “I didn’t want our people to shut down and stop their business,” said Dana. “We quickly sought out ways to help them continue to grow their business.” This quick thinking filled the gap during an uncertain time in 2020. One of the remote solutions Gentry implemented is digital earnest money deposits using Earnnest. The fully remote service allowed agents to keep their deals moving forward without having to meet in person during the tentative early days of the pandemic.

KW ONE/TEAM soon recognized the continued value in long term use of Earnnest’s digital earnest money. It wasn’t just for pandemic-era restrictions, but offered a slew of benefits to the entire team. Dana explained how the staff has taken to the digital solution: “The team who do all of our checks and commissions love Earnnest because it’s so easy!”

“If we can get someone to try Earnnest once, they’re a lifer.”

Earnnest is one of the free benefits KW ONE/TEAM educates market centers on as part of their shared services program. When coaching a brokerage on the value of Earnnest, Dana is frequently asked: How much will this cost my brokerage? Her answer: “Zero!” That’s because Earnnest is completely free for brokerages, agents, and escrow holders with a small convenience fee paid by the buyer. “With the price of gas now, it’s probably cheaper for homebuyers to use Earnnest than to drive all the way across town to drop off a check,” continued Gentry, “not to mention faster and easier.”

“Why would you not offer it? It’s just extra added value.”

As Gentry blazes a trail for her three market centers and the brokerages her team supports, she continues to look for ways to make a difference in the businesses and greater community where her team lives and works. For her team, one of those game changers has been Earnnest’s digital earnest money payments so KW ONE/TEAM continues to spread the word across their region about the platform’s time-saving convenience.

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Russell Smith

Russell is responsible for enterprise go-to-market strategy and revenue. Russell has spent his entire career innovating within the real estate technology ecosystem, previously building high-growth teams, culture, and key business channels at HouseCanary, Trulia, RealScout, and National Tenant Network. Russell was named a HousingWire Rising Star in 2020.