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Secure service for client satisfaction
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Secure service for client satisfaction

Director of Operations, Sarah Panetta, provides client satisfaction with secure, organized digital earnest money payments.

Cara Brewton
Lead Content Designer
January 31, 2022

The Suits Team at Keller Williams Peachtree Road is an all-women team who have served their Atlanta, GA based clients for over two decades. Founded by Madalyn Suits and Nina Harris, the nine team members describe themselves as genuine friends who love working together. Sarah Panetta, Director of Operations at Suits, shared the team’s success stems from each member’s unique, often opposing viewpoints and their willingness to balance and help one another.

Clients have been drawn to The Suits Team continually because of their high standard of service. Over 88% of the team’s business in 2021 came from repeat or referral-based clients. Sarah explained their emphasis on making it clear to clients what it will take to win their dream home. That desire to never shy away from (sometimes hard) truth is what drives the team’s high winning percentage and extreme customer loyalty.

Before switching to Earnnest, The Suits Team used the traditional payment methods: checks or wires. Sarah remembers how collecting checks had become, “an absolute nightmare.” When the check was late – not as rare an occurrence as she would hope – Sarah found herself writing contract amendments to reflect the late earnest payment. It was time consuming to keep tabs on which checks belonged to which of her teams’ many transactions, and driving to pick up 75 checks in a year just didn’t fit her busy schedule. Wires weren’t much better, because coordinating client bank information and payment timing started to take up more and more of her day. 

When Keller Williams Peachtree Road announced Earnnest as a digital payment option, Sarah was excited to learn more. She began by briefing herself on the product, and then shared it with The Suits Team at their very next meeting. Introducing Earnnest to her colleagues as the solution to their earnest money collection woes, Sarah described it, “like Venmo for earnest money–but more secure.” The Suits Team adopted the digital earnest payment service and offers the solution to clients on every home transaction.  

“Earnnest has been super easy to implement. Anybody could figure it out.”

Now, Sarah is able to send digital earnest money requests for every contract her team is working on in a fraction of the time it took to coordinate checks and wires.

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Cara Brewton

Cara Brewton has been educating Earnnest users since 2019. Whether by visual design, by creating training resources, or by sharing client stories, her goal is to ease the way for the agents and homebuyers using Earnnest’s products.