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Elevating customer experience with Earnnest
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Elevating customer experience with Earnnest

A mile above sea level at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, First Alliance Title has been serving Denver area homebuyers since 2014. Cyndi Tunstead — with the company since the beginning — has seen it grow from one office to five locations across the Denver metro area. Her role as Escrow Manager gives her a front row view of the client’s closing experience.

Cara Brewton
Lead Content Designer
March 15, 2023

Like many Earnnest users, First Alliance Title initially considered digital payments as a workaround during the COVID-19 shut downs. Locked buildings and social distancing had the team reconsidering the way they handled closings — even using the owner’s vintage Volkswagen bus as an outdoor office. First Alliance recognized the need for a remote earnest deposit solution. “We reached out to several digital payments vendors and Earnnest is the only one who called us back,” Tunstead recounts. That human touch, attention to service, and an easy setup process was exactly what the company was looking for and convinced them their search was over.

Cyndi’s personal experience since setting up Earnnest has been seamless. “I have Earnnest’s customer service number programmed into my phone since we joined and never once have I had any issues getting ahold of someone.” This reliability means she can rest easy knowing her clients will be handled with care when contacting Earnnest for support. “If our clients ever have issues, I know that giving them Earnnest’s support number won’t lead to frustration or getting passed around.”

Knowing she can trust Earnnest to provide quality service equips Cyndi to give her clients a better experience. Before adding Earnnest, homebuyers closing with First Alliance had to make deposits by check or wire. Both forms of payment meant a less-than-ideal experience for clients and exposing them to fraud. Checks require buyers to leave work or home in order to complete their payment. And wires expose them to significant fraud risk and leave them in the dark about the status of their transaction.

Cyndi describes how Earnnest empowers First Alliance Title to offer added transparency to their clients. “Earnnest has been super helpful because now buyers don’t have to call to get wiring instructions and worry if they’re calling the right company or getting the right wiring instructions.” Earnnest’s closed network makes sure funds end up in the correct account every time. And with Earnnest, buyers receive immediate notice of their payment and are able to track its progress throughout the transaction process. This added layer of transparency gives them confidence in their transaction.

“It’s just peace of mind. With Earnnest you get a notice right away. We’re notified as well as the agent and the buyer.”

Another way First Alliance Title provides clients with the best experience is by taking advantage of Earnnest’s custom Branded Payment Portal. The portal lets First Alliance accept earnest payments via a custom link located on their website. Buyers can pay with confidence knowing they are accessing their title company’s secure portal directly.

“It puts the client at ease. They know it’s legit.”

What began as a creative solution to pandemic shut downs quickly turned into best practice for First Alliance Title. The company continues to promote and educate their network on the power of Earnnest — adding security and a great experience for their clients.

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Cara Brewton

Cara Brewton has been educating Earnnest users since 2019. Whether by visual design, by creating training resources, or by sharing client stories, her goal is to ease the way for the agents and homebuyers using Earnnest’s products.