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Three ways to improve agent fees for everyone
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Three ways to improve agent fees for everyone

Are your agents paying out large sums in transaction charges just to submit their monthly brokerage fees? Are you spending valuable time collecting and filing credit card information from agents only to repeat the process as cards expire? There is a better option. Read on for ways to save yourself time, save your agents money, and provide security for everyone.

Cara Brewton
Lead Content Designer
August 17, 2021

Save time and streamline agent fee collection

The traditional process for collecting agent fees includes gathering and filing credit card information. This often means storing endless binders of paper forms. And each time an agent's credit card expires you'll find yourself repeating these steps in order to update the information on file.

The great news is that you can get rid of paper forms and get your time back by collecting agent fees digitally, using Earnnest. Earnnest removes your risk and responsibility of collecting and storing payment information, by allowing agents to add and manage their own payment information. You simply share a secure payment link with your agent and your work is complete—giving you back countless hours.

Reduce transaction costs for agents

Give your agents what they want by offering a cheaper (and easier) way for them to pay their brokerage fees. When agents submit their brokerage fees the traditional way they are charged up to 3% in credit card fees, which can add up over time.

One way to lower the cost for agents is by choosing a digital payment service to process agent fees. Earnnest's low convenience fee means every agent saves money on transaction costs by paying with Earnnest.

Eliminate risks for you and your agents

Storing private information on paper forms is no longer best practice. Digital payments offer a safe, secure way to save time and streamline your agent fee collection process. Protect your agents' sensitive information by going digital.

With Earnnest your brokerage is no longer responsible for keeping track of credit card details in order to bill an agent. Just send a secure link requesting payment from the agent and they handle payment information on their end. With Earnnest, you can remove collecting and storing payment information from your to-do list completely.

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Cara Brewton

Cara Brewton has been educating Earnnest users since 2019. Whether by visual design, by creating training resources, or by sharing client stories, her goal is to ease the way for the agents and homebuyers using Earnnest’s products.