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Earnnest announces integration with Global MLS, expanding secure digital transactions in the real estate industry
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Earnnest announces integration with Global MLS, expanding secure digital transactions in the real estate industry

Earnnest, the leading digital earnest money service in the United States, is thrilled to announce its latest integration with Global MLS, the largest MLS in New York's Upstate Region. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the real estate industry, enhancing the efficiency, security, and convenience of earnest money transactions for homebuyers and professionals alike.

Russell Smith
President & Chief Operating Officer
October 16, 2023

Earnnest revolutionizes the way earnest money deposits are handled by enabling homebuyers to securely and electronically deposit funds directly into an escrow holder's account, eliminating the need for paper checks and cumbersome in-person deliveries. To date, Earnnest has successfully facilitated over 300,000 digital earnest money deposits, totaling nearly $2 billion, with an impeccable track record of zero instances of payment fraud.

Global MLS serves as the cornerstone of cooperation among thousands of sales agents, brokers, and appraisers in New York's Upstate Region, fostering collaboration while maintaining healthy competition. This integration with Earnnest further elevates the MLS's offerings, providing its members with a seamless and secure way to handle earnest money transactions.

Chris Basinger, Earnnest’s Senior Vice President of Growth, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "Our integration with Global MLS is a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the real estate industry. We are dedicated to providing a secure and convenient platform that empowers real estate professionals and homebuyers alike."

Laura Burns, CEO of Global MLS, shared her perspective on the collaboration, saying, "We are pleased to bring Earnnest's innovative earnest money solution to our members via the FlexMLS platform. This integration aligns with our mission to continually enhance the real estate experience and streamline processes for our agents and clients."

Al Picchi, Vice President of Global MLS and President of Howard Hanna’s New York District, commented on the partnership, saying, "Earnnest has been a partner to Howard Hanna, so I am excited about this integration for Howard Hanna agents in Upstate New York, as well as all agents who utilize Global MLS. This collaboration enhances the real estate transaction process, making it more efficient and secure for all parties involved."

This integration with Global MLS marks Earnnest's third successful MLS integration, reflecting the company's commitment to expanding its services across the United States. Furthermore, Earnnest remains entirely free for real estate agents and escrow holders, ensuring accessibility for all industry professionals.

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Russell Smith

Russell Smith is President & Chief Operating Officer at Earnnest - How Money Moves in Real Estate. Russell and his team at Earnnest are on a mission to remove payment fraud from the real estate equation by replacing checks and wires with fast, secure digital payments. Prior to joining Earnnest, Russell held multiple roles leading teams and scaling new ventures at HouseCanary, RealScout, and Trulia. He was named as a HousingWire “Rising Star” in 2020 and a “Newsmaker” by Real Estate Magazine in 2023.