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Blaine Welgraven named a 2024 HW Rising Star
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Blaine Welgraven named a 2024 HW Rising Star

Earnnest's VP of Operations—Blaine Welgraven—is recognized as a 2024 HousingWire Rising Star.

Kay Borden
Senior Marketing Lead
April 24, 2024

DALLAS, Texas — Today, HousingWire announced the 2024 class of Rising Stars. The award spotlights 80 leaders ages 40 years and younger who are driving the mortgage, real estate and fintech industries forward.

HousingWire’s selection committee chose this year’s Rising Stars based on their professional achievements within their organizations, contributions to the overall housing economy, community outreach, client impact and personal success.

"The Rising Stars award is one of my favorite industry awards because it reinforces the bright future that exists in mortgage and real estate,” HousingWire Editor-in-Chief Sarah Wheeler said. "In an industry that has experienced its share of challenges and successes, these young leaders bring a fresh perspective, innovative ideas and a relentless drive to shape the future of the industry, and I am continuously impressed by the level of talent that we see each year.”

Each year, the winners represent standout professionals in housing. The list includes entrepreneurs, marketers, operations experts, technology innovators and many more. While the winners represent a wide variety of industry functions, they all demonstrate leadership and innovation that inspires not only those within their own organizations but in their communities and in the industry at large.

“The most outstanding leaders are forged in times of crisis. As the housing industry navigates the higher-for-longer rate environment, many emerging leaders have come to the surface to guide their companies, teams and clients to a more successful and promising future," said Clayton Collins, CEO of HW Media. "Through Rising Stars, HousingWire has identified these leaders who are making their mark with leadership qualities and innovative ideas.The future will look different, and I'm confident these Rising Stars will play prominent roles in housing's forward evolution.”

Blaine Welgraven has been instrumental in Earnnest's transformative growth, establishing a strong operational foundation and driving its ascendancy as an industry leader through exceptional leadership. He streamlined processes, built high-performing teams, and fostered inter-departmental collaboration, leading to significant revenue growth.

Blaine's commitment to unifying departments and fostering cross-departmental partnerships has positioned Earnnest as an organization with strong communication and operational consistency. He pioneered current onboarding processes, resulting in heightened efficiency and client satisfaction. Blaine's leadership in constructing and training the Earnnest Success Team contributed to over 95% client retention. He also rebuilt and reorganized the Support Team to handle a 180% increase in case loads during surging transaction volumes.

Blaine's clear and thoughtful leadership has driven positive change within Earnnest and the real estate industry as a whole. His high-output teams played a pivotal role in achieving a remarkable 5x revenue growth over the last three years. His role in unifying departments and fostering collaboration has created a seamless operational environment. His ability to communicate and lead knowledge-sharing initiatives across departments has been paramount to the organization's success.

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Kay Borden