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Time-saving, secure and completely digital. See how.

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Request / Pay from anywhere

Protects sensitive information

Easy Reconciliation

Automated Receipts

Full ID Verification

Funds Verified

Payment tracking

Free for agents

Earnnest is the largest digital earnest money service in the U.S. We enable buyers to send digital earnest money to escrow holders anytime, anywhere.


Common questions

Q: How much does Earnnest cost the agent?

A: Nothing, it's FREE for the agent. Homebuyers pay a $15 processing fee (waived until April 17th), less than the cost of a wire transfer.

Q: How secure is Earnnest?

A: Earnnest uses the 256-bit AES encryption standard chosen by financial institutions and the U.S. government. This standard is the most advanced and secure encryption algorithm.

Q: What benefits does Earnnest provide to real estate agents?

A: Here’s some of the benefits Earnnest provides

  • Proof of Intent (copy of paper check), generated on-demand and when requested, the Proof of Intent is automatically emailed to the agent.
  • Step-by-step updates on a buyer’s earnest money journey from creation of request to deposit.
  • Support by email, phone and chat.
  • Easy-to-use features and a completely digital process.

Check out our knowledge base

Our knowledge base covers many more topics, you can find it by clicking below.

Knowledge base

Learn about Earnnest.

We’ve put together videos, materials, and common questions so you can learn about Earnnest.

For the agent

Accepting invite to property as buyer agent

Earnnest allows you to send your earnest money electronically to the escrow holder.

Learn More

Creating property as listing agent or buyer agent

Let's take you through the process of logging in and creating your first property.

For the home buyer

What is Earnnest?

Earnnest allows you to send your earnest money electronically to the escrow holder.

Security guide

Educate homebuyers about the security features of Earnnest and our commitment to keeping personal, sensitive information secure.

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Any time! Watch videos, read how-tos, and get helpful tips about Earnnest.

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