We remember

We remember all those wasted hours chasing down earnest money checks …

We make money movement in real estate secure and easy, so for buyers everywhere, a house can quickly become their home.

Since December 2018, Earnnest has experienced more than 500% user growth and in 2019 alone has securely moved millions in funds for homebuyers throughout America.

The Earnnest network provides secure and direct transfers of funds from buyer to escrow holder. Earnnest uses ACH payments instead of wire transfers, and our system is OWASP Top 10 compliant with banking level encryption and security. Forget checks or money orders. Earnnest is completely digital.

In the coming months, the Earnnest platform will expand to facilitate all types of real estate transactions. As an example of our network capabilities, here’s how the transfer of earnest money works:

Through Earnnest, agents can create earnest money deposit requests with their preferred escrow holder already connected and verified. After entering their buyer or buyer agent’s information, with the press of a button, they can instantly request the payment from anywhere, at any time. Upon receiving the request, buyers log in, verify their identity, and log directly into their own online bank network through a secure portal. (If you’re wondering how this works, we’re connected to more than 12,000 banks across America.) After identity and funding information is complete, it’s just a press of a button and the earnest payment is made.

Agents, buyers and escrow holders all receive notifications throughout the transfer process to keep them updated every step of the way. And for all this convenience to agents, there’s no charge to brokerages, only a set $15 fee to the buyer on a completed transfer, no matter how large the amount.

Agents have personalized dashboards from within the app where they can see and monitor all their earnest payment requests. Earnnest is also staffed with a team of developers and customer support experts, who constantly monitor the system’s success, implement fixes and improvements, and are available to walk users through every step of the process.

At Earnnest, we put security at the forefront of our process, hand-in-hand with user ease. We want the confidence of our users and we’re determined to prove ourselves deserving. When our users are happy, so are we.

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Earnnest is the largest digital earnest money service in the U.S. We enable buyers to send digital earnest money to escrow holders anytime, anywhere.


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