How do I get a clear photo or copy of my document?

Follow these steps to get a clear picture of your document if it is needed for the identity verification process:

  1. Place your document on a solid background or one with limited patterns/objects (like a desk or piece of paper). This will limit where your camera will auto-focus.
  2. Your document should be well lit. Natural light and office lighting do well in giving a clear image. Try to eliminate any glare over information (i.e. date of birth or address) by repositioning your camera or document.
  3. Tap your screen to focus on your document. Most camera apps will let you select where you want to focus. By tapping on your document, the camera will focus on it and not objects in the background.

Using these three steps will help you capture a clear picture of your document. Before uploading for review, check to ensure that all words are readable. If lines like your DOB or address are blurry please retake the picture or recopy your document before uploading to Earnnest for review. These steps will help speed up the review process.