Back-end Engineer

As this is a mid to senior level position, we are looking for an experienced candidate. And by experienced, we mean that you have spent a sufficient amount of time making mistakes to have assembled a catalog of pitfalls and hard fought wisdom.


Because we are an early stage startup, this position is a little open ended.

Are you comfortable building a team and forging a path within the ambiguities of a nascent business?
Can you demonstrate a history of creative problem solving?
What is your process for uncovering the actors and use cases in a problem domain and scoping a solution?
How do you balance legacy code with new initiatives?

Although you will be focused on back end services, as a team, we work together on UX and design. Having an appreciation for user interaction and familiarity with front end development is desired.

You are probably a good fit if

  • You are confident in your abilities, but humble enough to listen to other ideas.
  • You think about the future programmer who will maintain what you build
  • You are curious and always learning
  • You have a life outside of tech
  • You have coordinated with multiple people to successfully deliver a product


  • Experience architecting, constructing, and delivering database backed web applications
  • Elixir
  • Automated testing
  • SQL
  • Full stack familiarity
  • REST API and GraphQL design and implementation

Strongly Favored

  • Functional language experience
  • Experience designing and managing an API for use by a 3rd party
  • Experience with more than one language or framework
  • Experience with React/React Native
  • Phoenix
  • Postgres
  • Kubernetes and AWS
  • Heroku

Back-end Engineer
Greenville, SC or Remote
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Full-Time Position
Send your resume to [email protected] along with why you'd be a great fit for Earnnest.